The History Of Sunny Beach

The History Of Sunny Beach

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Sunny Beach is by popular acclaim the best Bulgarian seaside resort. It has been the jewel of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast for more than 59 years now. Sunny Beach has gone through many changes and yet it still retains that "Sunnybeachness" which is difficult to describe but not that difficult to sense. Here, for the benefit of the younger visitors to our site, we will provide a short history of the place. This is what started happening here more than 59 years ago.

Precisely 59 years ago – on June 8th 1959 – the first visitor to Sunny Beach was registered as a tourist. This was a Chech gentleman named František Silvester from the town of Ostrava. The visitor stayed at Kalina Hotel and his name found its place in the annals of the resort. At its earliest stage of development Sunny Beach had a little over of 20 000 beds. When construction began in the late 50’s of the 20th century the huge (then) green park was initiated, too. More than 550 000 m3 of fertile soil were brought here to give birth to hundreds of thousands of trees, bushes and flowers.

Some interesting facts about the most famous Bulgarian seaside resort:

* Decree No 120 from 30 June 1958 of the Ministerial Council of Bulgaria launches the construction of the resort of “Слънчев бряг” – Sunny Beach.

* The architectural design began in 1957 under the supervision of architect Kolyo Nikolov. He was assisted by a group of young and still unknown architect whose names will always be associated with Sunny Beach: Lili Stoicheva, Alexander Ovtcharov, Ivam Kassarov, Hristo Koev, Sabina Kouteva, D. Salabashev, P. Sokolovski.

* The beach strip is 8 km long and has a width of 30 to 60 m.

* Alongside with the construction of the resort complex work began on the design and implementation of the green park and areas. Planted were 300 000 coniferous and deciduous trees,770 000 ornamental plants, 100 000 rose bushes, 200 000 dune grasses – the investment was well over 150 000 000 levs.

* The first resraurant Neptune was opened on June 1st 1959.

* The period from September 1st 1958 until June 1959 saw the opening of the first 30 hotels with 2 655 beds, 5 restaurants seating 4 102, and the tourists for that period were 18 099.

* The first director of Sunny Beach was Anastas Karolev.

* The highest hotel until the start of privatization was ans still is “Kuban”. The largest hotel complex was The Continental with 1580 beds, and the smallest was Akatsiya with 20 beds.

* The first edition of the popular pop song festival The Golden Orpheus was held in Bar Variety on August 1st 1965 under the title “Songs for the Bulgarian seaside”. The second edition already took the name of The Golden Orpheus.

* June 9th 1985 saw the opening of Elenite Holiday Village as part of Sunny Beach. The first manager of Elenite was Marin Garnenkov.

* In 1989 Sunny Beach celebrated its 30th anniversary. It had then 108 hotels with 27 000 beds and over 130 restaurants, bars, night clubs, discos, cafes.

* Sunny Beach was state owned until March 14th 1994, when the privatization procedure was launched.

* On July 16th 1997 after 25 % of the capital was sold to private owners, the name was changed to Sunny Beach PLC.


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